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International Baccalaureate Program

Overview of the Primary Years Program of the IB

Bel Aire is an Authorized World School of the International Baccalaureate Organization, offering the Primary Years Program.

Around the globe, schools seek authorization to become IB World Schools, offering one or more of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programs. Bel Aire School has successfully completed an intensive, globally consistent process that enables us to deliver an outstanding IB education.

The authorization process is a challenging, rewarding, and worthwhile journey for our school and community. The benefits of authorization last long after the completion of the process and equip each school with a roadmap for sustained success.

As a result of this process, parents and students can be confident that each IB World School, no matter where it is located, has:

• commitment to the IB philosophy with a focus on international-mindedness
• a rigorous, comprehensive curriculum encouraging student curiosity and inquiry
• teachers, leaders, and staff trained in the IB programme and philosophy
• school leadership and administrative structures that serve its mission and support the IB programme
• a comprehensive plan for implementation and sustainability of the IB programme.

As an IB World School. we engage in ongoing professional development and periodic evaluation. We benefit from a wide range of materials and various regional and global networking and educational opportunities. Our students are part of a global network of learners around the world who share common goals to become lifelong thinkers and inquirers.  All of us here at Bel Aire want to thank the families and the community for the support and encouragement as we continue our journey as a WORLD SCHOOL!

As a school we have developed policies for how we provide for language learning and for how we assess student learning as part of the PYP.

View our Bel Aire Park Language Policy and Assessment Policy

IB is international-mindedness. IB is learning through inquiry. IB is action toward a better world. The ideals of IB are expressed through the Learner Profile - qualities of a learner that address the development of the whole child

Becoming an IBO World School


At the beginning of the 2010 school year, the Bel Aire Park staff began to explore new ways to provide a meaningful, challenging curriculum to prepare our students for life in this new century. We knew we’d found a match in the Primary Years Program (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). The core ideals of the IBO were exactly what we were looking for in our journey to create a school where all children develop the skills to become well-rounded, knowledgeable, and capable citizens.


What does PYP mean?

PYP stands for Primary Years Program. 

The three main components of the PYP are:

Inquiry-based instruction:

Teachers develop trans-disciplinary units based on themes that reflect essential knowledge and that encourage students to ask questions and become architects of their own learning. We want our students to connect what they learn to real-life situations and have opportunities to work together to meet real challenges.

Becoming internationally minded:

Students in the Primary Years Program develop the attributes of a learner that will work effectively anywhere in the world. We want our students to be open to other perspectives and communicate in more than one language.


Students create opportunities based on what they have learned to be of service to their community and to make a positive difference toward a better world.

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